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Weeks, Gentle Art & DMC Embroidery Floss



Weeks Over-dyed Floss

Weeks Over-dyed Floss
Full line (all colors) of Weeks Over-dyed Floss. Hand overdyed 6 strand Egyptian cotton fiber–variegated enough to be noticeable, yet subtle enough to blend naturally. Perfect for punchneedle, giving a subtle, nuanced appearance as you stitch the design.

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Price: $2.10 per 5 yd skein

Weeks Over-dyed Floss

DMC Floss
Since we carry the full line of DMC floss, you may order it by the color number and amount (number of skeins). Most patterns will list the colors needed.

Price: $0.50 per skein


DMC Color Variations
This thread is a soft blend of DMC colors that merge gently into one another.  Each skein is a combination of current DMC colors, allowing stitchers to coordinate Color Variations with DMC cotton embroidery floss to create beautiful designs, with colors that complement one another perfectly. It is colorfast, fade resistant, offers DMC color consistency and is made from fine Egyptian cotton.

Price: $1.40 per skein 8 m (8.7 yds)

For DMC colors, click here.


The Gentle Art
Full line of floss colors. Hand overdyed threads which give your needlework a faded, antique look. (6 strand floss)

Price: $2.00 per 5 yd skein

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