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Bernadine’s punchneedles are handcrafted locally, made of quality stainless steel and brass with unique hexagonal handles. This shape provides a better grip and will not roll off the table, which could damage the point. Other features include the following:

  • The small size creates a balanced needle which is important for better control, precision and speed. (If a longer handle is preferred, we’ve made handle grip/extenders).
  • Every punchneedle is stamped with a “B” on the brass handle. This indicates which side is the front (bevel) of the needle, hence, the direction to stitch.
  • Every punchneedle has a pre-cut, specific color coded gauge which can be removed or added, as needed, for a full range of loop settings.
  • Convenient and portable……should last a lifetime!


1-Strand Punchneedle 4.5" Long

Uses 1 single strand of cotton embroidery floss or similar size thread (can be rayon, silk, polyester, metallic, etc.) Produces a delicate pile and gives fine crisp detail, even on small patterns. This is the Russian-type punchneedle. Pre-cut gauge is green. Includes one threader and an extra gauge.

Price: $20.00

2 and 3 Strand Punchneedle 5" Long

Uses 2 or 3 strands floss, tightly twisted size 8 perle cotton (DMC) or similar size thread. Gives good detail on designs and the most popular size punchneedle. Pre-cut gauge is black. Includes one threader and an extra gauge.

Price: $20.00

#3 Punchneedle

Uses 3 or 4 strands floss and all (3 strand) thread made specifically for punchneedle, loosely twisted perle cotton (Presencia and Valdani), fine wool or acrylic yarn, etc. Pre-cut gauge is red with one threader and an extra gauge.

Price: $20.00

3 Strand Punchneedle 5" Long

Uses 6 (or 5) strands floss, size 5 perle cotton or similar size thread. The 2mm silk ribbon may also be used. Works up faster with least detail and heavier, more textural pile. Pre-cut gauge is yellow with one threader and an extra gauge.

Price: $20.00


Deluxe Kit


Includes 3 punchneedles (1,3, 6) with 3 stainless steel threaders and extra gauge pieces for each. Full instructions and a handle-grip extender.

Price: $49.00

Item Number: #X10

Deluxe Kit


Includes all 4 punchneedles (1,2,3,6) with extra gauge pieces for each and stainless steel threaders; a 7”sq. practice fabric with instructions & design to learn how to use the gauges; handle grip extender; & the miniature briefcase to hold everything securely.

Price: $60.00



Ribbon Punchneedle

Ribbon Punchneedle for 4mm silk ribbon
The larger punchneedle which uses 4mm silk ribbon or 3 ply yarn. Includes a long threader and extra instructions for stitching with silk ribbon.

Price: $17.50

Ribbon Punchneedle

Ribbon Punchneedle
"Dancing Ribbon" Punchneedle by Pamela Gurney is used for the wider silk ribbon. May also be used with a 12-ply wool yarn for rug punching. It is easily adjusted to different lengths to produce loops of varying sizes. Australian made and designed. Includes (2) long threaders.

Price: $39.50

Oxford Punchneedle

Oxford Rug Punchneedle
Specifically made, and set, for a 3/8” loop to make rugs, using a heavy wool yarn (a sample of the size is already threaded in the needle.) Has a comfortable wooden handle and it’s easy to thread – no separate threader is needed. Includes full instructions.

Price: $34.50