Bullion Rose Embroidery
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  Perle Cotton Thread
  Rayon Thread



Crewel (or Embroidery) needles
These are used for the bullion rose designs.

(6 per package)
Price: $1.75

Milliners needles
Often referred to as straw needles. Characterized by a long needle length and the same width from top to bottom, which makes them good for working bullion and knot stitches, with thinner thread.

#NEE-M1 Size 1 (12 per pkg.)
#NEE-M2 Size 10 (14 per pkg.)
#NEE-M3 Size 11 (10 per pkg.)
#NEE-M16 Multi-pack Sz.3 to 9 (16 per pkg.)
Price: $1.25
Price: $1.45
Price: $1.35
Price: $1.85

Yarn Darners
Characterized by a long needle length and larger diameter than the sz.1 milliners. Used in Brazilian embroidery, especially for thicker threads and knot or cast-on stitches.

#NEE-YD – Size 14-18 (7 per pkg.)

Price: $1.35

Ultimate marking pencil
Looks and works like an eversharp pencil, but the marks are washable with cold water

Pencil with 12 refills:

#1 pencil with 5mmlead: $5.70
#2 pencil with 7mm lead: $5.95
Pkg. of 12 refills: $2.95 (specify size)

16" Brass Bell Pull

Perfect size for the 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 embroidered rose designs. (By adding a pocket along the top.) They are ready to hang on one hook or nail. So easy!

Price: $15.95 ea. (2 hangers) or $8.95 each

Item #BP16