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Perle Cotton Thread

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Perle Cotton Thread


A twisted, non-divisible, lustrous cotton thread put up in skeins (sz.5) or balls (sz.8 & 12). Specify color and size. (Available in solid and variegated colors.) Use DMC color chart for specific colors.

Numbers match DMC embroidery floss. Symbols on color charts indicate the colors available in each size...variegated colors available also.

Specify Color Number

Perle Cotton thread

Size 12
131 yds/ball: $2.25/ea.

Item #DMC Sz-12-(number)

Size 8
87 yds/ball: $2.25/ea.

Item #DMC Sz-8-(number)

Size 5

27 yds/skein: $1.35/ea.

Item #DMC Sz-5-(number)